Training in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has shown a tremendous ability to revolutionize the way companies provide employees with the knowledge and skills to succeed. While using VR, trainees can be fully immersed and present in your content, allowing them to remember more, stay safe and engaged, and train in realistic scenarios more frequently.

As you look to create your first VR project or scale an existing training program, we provide the tools you need and work with your existing systems. eevo enables you to create interactive training material, distribute and manage it across your organization, and see important analytics on viewer engagement integrated directly into your LMS.


Common use cases

Safety Training

Product Overviews

Virtual Tours

Leadership Coaching

VR research - why it works

Getting Started

The Research

Our White Paper

A Case Study


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(1-2 Weeks)
All projects start with an ideation session. We help you craft an experience, figure out what adds value, and start planning with your staff.
(2-3 Weeks)
Our team comes to your locations with our equipment and films your team and spaces. We then edit, add interactions, and build your experience.
(1 Week)
We send you a finished interactive experience for feedback and make edits accordingly.
Your content goes live on web, mobile, and in VR.
Scale content across your organization. View and collect feedback using eevo's analytics features.
View analytics from your content. See where people are looking and clicking to learn what they care about most.

Services and Platform

Content Creation

Our teams can film anywhere around the globe to capture your offices, employees, and culture. With 10k+ footage, you can be sure to have content that will last years.


Adding traditional videos, photos, and voiceovers can bring your experience to the next level, let our team handle all of the editing and post-production for you.

Distribute to Web or VR Headset

With eevo, content is viewable by anyone, whether or not they have a VR headset. Embed it in your LMS or show it through a VR headset. 

Manage Your Content

Easily manage your library of training content in one place. The CMS allows you to create multiple experiences, and publish them across your selected headsets and platforms.

Understand Your Audience

The analytics dashboard allows you to evaluate results. Track and understand engagement and performance through device use, user location, and viewing paths.

Integrate Your Data

Analytics integrations allow you to manage all of your data in your ideal location and format, use this information to track employees and optimize learning outcomes.

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