With eevo, you can develop engaging and memorable interactive experiences that lead to faster ramp times and decreased turnover.


As your hiring grows, maintaining a consistent and scalable onboarding program becomes increasingly difficult. With eevo, you can create experiences that capture the best parts of an in-person orientation and deliver it to all of your employees on a global scale. You can offer tours of different offices, allow new employees to hear directly from key execs, and share the values that make your company unique.

Getting started is easy. We work with you to create immersive experiences that can be viewed on VR headsets, the web, and mobile devices. Whether you have created 360 videos before or this is brand new, our team will set you up with everything you need to bring your onboarding program to the next level.


Common use cases

Executive Interviews

Office / HQ Touring

Understanding Business Strategy

Cultural Assimilation

Learning the Company’s History

Experiencing Company Outings


Merck Historical Tour

VR is Transforming Employee Onboarding

How to Start Working With eevo


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(1-2 Weeks)
All projects start with an ideation session. We help you craft an experience, figure out what adds value, and start planning with your staff.
(2-3 Weeks)
Our team comes to your locations with our equipment and films your team and spaces. We then edit, add interactions, and build your experience.
(1 Week)
We send you a finished interactive experience for feedback and make edits accordingly.
Your content goes live on web, mobile, and in VR.
Scale content across your organization. View and collect feedback using eevo's analytics features.
View analytics from your content. See where people are looking and clicking to learn what they care about most.

Services and Platform

Content Creation

Our team can film anywhere around the globe to capture your offices, employees, and culture. With 10k+ footage, you can be sure to have content that will last years.


Adding traditional videos, photos, and voiceovers can bring your experience to the next level, let our team handle all of the editing and post-production for you.

Distribute to Web or VR Headset

Share content with everyone whether or not they have a VR headset. Send experiences as part of a welcome email or show it through a VR headset during day-1.

Manage Your Content

Easily manage your library of onboarding content in one place. The CMS allows you to create multiple experiences, and publish them across your selected headsets and platforms.

Understand Your Audience

The analytics dashboard allows you to learn about your audience. Track and understand engagement through device use, user location, and viewing paths.

Integrate Your Data

Analytics integrations allow you to manage all of your data in your ideal location and format, use this information to track employees and optimize your experience.

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