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Created by Trudy Elmore on V/Art

An experimental 360 animation that explores the circus of humanity that is our online and digital lives.

“These subtleties, offering the viewer agency to craft their own experience, is where VR’s greatest potential lies. It recasts the art experience for the artist and audience both, less as a one way conversation than a set of possibilities to be mutually negotiated.” -Toronto Star

An interactive piece of art created using 360 videos and eevo as part of the mobile VR exhibit, V/Art. V/Art was created by Trinity Square Video. As part of their mobile VR exhibit, Trinity Square Video needed a way to provide artists the ability to create interactive 360 video content. They provided Trudy Elmore with access to their eevo CMS and account, where she was able to easily build her project.

The experience can be seen today on the V/Art app on iOS and Android.

Trinity Square Video

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