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Create interactive VR quickly and easily using eevo’s Composer, an online toolset that makes it simple to build the interactive, nonlinear VR experiences we call branching narratives, or “choose your own adventure” stories.

The Composer requires no coding, simply upload 360° video and audio assets and add interactive elements with ease, creating new interactive experiences in minutes instead of days.

Interactive 360° Video

The Composer allows you to make your 360° videos as interactive as you like, adding and editing hotspots and linking them to other 360° videos.


Add hotspots to 360° video nodes to make them interactive.

  • Link hotspots to other 360° videos and, coming soon, to images or 2D video pop-ups as well.
  • Edit hotspots to function in a variety of ways within the content, such as using a hotspot to start over a 360 video, transition to another video, or transition to a specific time in a different video.
  • Set hotspots to be either visible or invisible to the end user.

Preview Editor

Easily create and edit hotspots with the 3D preview editor.

  • Preview what hotspots will look like and where they will appear in the scene.
  • Manage multiple hotspots in a 360 video at the same time.
  • Drag and drop hotspots in 3D space.
  • Manage hotspots on a timeline within each node.

Spatial Audio

Spatial audio is critical to a good VR experience. That’s why eevo both supports existing spatial formats and provides tools that make it possible to make traditional audio (mono and stereo) into spatial audio.

  • We support ambisonics B-format, which is an emerging standard in spatial audio for VR.
  • We also support equal power panning, which allows the placement of up to four audio tracks that fade from one to another as the user looks at each.
  • Our point audio tool makes it possible to turn any stereo or mono track into spatial audio within the VR experience. The creator simply uploads the audio track and chooses the points in space from which the audio should appear to be coming from.

Interactive Audio

In addition to adding interactive video, creators can add interactive audio elements to their 360° films, which play when a user looks at a hotspot.


As with video hotspots, easily edit audio hotspots in the preview editor.

  • Reduce audio volume when a user looks away from the hotspot, while keeping the audio track playing.
  • Stop and restart the audio track when a viewer looks away from and then back at the hotspot again.
  • Gradually fade the volume in and out as the user looks toward and away from the hotspot.


Manage your content, team, and data all in one place. As your content library grows from 1 to 1,000 experiences, the content management system (CMS) is here to scale with you.

Encoding / Storage

Upload your content to our cloud-based CMS and access it anywhere, any time. No need to worry about making device-specific encoding profiles. We take the highest-resolution version of your file and make a variety of renditions for the best playback based on the device being used.

Instant Publishing

One click and your content is live. Instantly make your experience available to stream or download in your applications, no need to install an update or wait.

Team Management

Permission-based role settings enable you to easily add people to your account and assign them the right credentials. Work remotely, while easily and instantly receiving updates from collaborators.


Learn about your audience with the analytics dashboard. Track and understand engagement with your interactive content through device use, user location and viewing paths.

Special reports that align with your business needs can easily be created and integrated into your current systems.

Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard lets you see how many views your content is getting across any time window for each interactive narrative and the specific 360 videos. You can also see where your viewers are based and what devices they are using to view your experiences.


Understand your users’ viewing patterns on each narrative through a visual representation of their gaze in an easily accessible heat map. This lets you know if your viewers are watching your story in the way you intended. It’s a great tool for seeing if your users are responding to hotspots, spatial audio and more.

Integrate Your Data

Push your data into your current system whether that is an LMS, CMS, or API. With analytics integrations, you can manage all your data in your ideal location and format.

Distribute & Host

Distribute your content across a wide variety of platforms. eevo has everything you need to take your work live and deliver it intelligently and efficiently to potential viewers around the globe.

With deployable servers, your content can be hosted in your own environment.

VR Apps

Launch on every device. We specialize in Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Gear VR, Oculus Go and Daydream applications. We’re also excited about supporting PlayStation, Vive, and Oculus Rift in the coming year.


Easily add VR capabilities to your iOS and Android apps. eevo’s software development kit (SDK) can be added to any app with just a few lines of code.

VR Player

Render and stream intelligently. Our player is natively built, which keeps your app sizes small and means better performance and efficiency -- saving your users’ battery life, preventing their devices from overheating, and giving them the best overall possible experience.

Deployable Servers

Operate with maximum control and security over your work. With deployable servers, all of our tools can be managed on your internal systems without ever touching our cloud. Updates are seamlessly pushed to you.


We make sure your data is securely hosted and still able to be delivered across the globe instantly. We're also Privacy Shield certified and GDPR compliant. Let us know about your compliance needs.